Sunday, June 29, 2008

Varuvanillarum - Manichithra Thaazhu(1993)

Movie Name: Manichithra Thaazhu
Singer: Chithra KS
Music Director: Radha Krishnan MG
Lyrics: Bichu Thirumala
Year: 1993
Producer: Sargachitra Appachan
Director: Fazil
Actors: Innocent, Mohanlal, Nedumudi Venu, Shobhana, Sudheesh, Suresh Gopi, Thilakan, Vinaya Prasad

Varuvanillarumengorunaalumee vazhi-
-kkariyaam athennalumennum
Priyamulloralaro varuvanudennu njaan
Veruthe mohikkumallo
Ennum veruthe mohikkumallo
Palavattom pookalam vazhithetti poyitta-
-gorunalum pookkamangombil
athinayi mathramayoruneram rithumaari

Varuvanillarumee vijanamameevazhi-
-kkariyaam athennalumennum
padivaathilolam chennakalathavazhiyake
mizhipaaki nilkarundallo
mizhipaaki nilkarundallo
Priyamulloralaro varumennu njaanennum
Veruthe mohikkumallo

Varummennu chollippirinjupoyillarum
Ariyam athennalumennum
Pathivaayi njaanente padivathilenthino
Pakuthiye chaararullo
Priyamulloralaro varuvanudennu njaan
Veruthe mohikkumallo

Ninayatha nerathen padivaathilil oru
Padavinyasam kettapole
Varavaayalorunaalum piryiathen madhumasam
Oru mathra konduvannalo
Innu orumathra konduvannengo
Kothiyode odichennakalathavazhiyilekki-
-rukannum neetunna neram
vazhithetti vannaro pakuthikkuvachente
vazhiye thirichu pokunnu
ente vazhiye thirichupokunnu
ente vazhiye thirichupokunnu


Geetha said...

Thanks for leaving this lyrics behind - love the song and a google search brought me here.


parvathi said...

nice song....

Anu said...

A feather touch of loneliness... A hymn of lonely heart... This song z really maravellous... Hats off 2 Bichu Thirumala..

The south paw, who knows no direction. said...

thank you ,, i could sing along, thanks to the lyrics that you uploaded... cheers.

SHRUTI said...

a heart touching song............ and senseful lines...........lines which always stays in mind

Bhavith Narayan.K said...

There is a mistake in the name of the lyrisist you have given. For this song the lyrics were written by the script writer of the film himself - Madhu Muttom. Please refer this link( ) or go to wikipedia's page for this movie to verify. Please be assure of genuinity of what you are writting..

vishnu said...

a slight feeling of nostalgia.feeling of loneliness,superb lines, every words is meaningful,when I hear this song I wish somebody will be with me for holding my hand.


Thank you. Thank you. No words can express my happiness. I was in the search of this song fr a long time. It is my most mind blowing song.

sarath ps said...


Anirudh Induchudan said...

lyrics madhumuttom alle

Sheeja said...

I I dedicate this soulful rending to my grandma .she passed away two days back.she was bedridden for four years and that long waiting to see her loved ones ended forever.i can feel her love in these words.We should really take care of old people when they really need us.i once again dedicate this song to all the loving mothers and fathers.

Sheeja Vivek.

vipin lautner said...

This song is brilliantly made to evoke our feelings like loneliness. Whenever I listen this song I feel like I lack something or miss something :)